Exceptional collection efficiency

Why Mistbuster®

The MistBuster® product line is highly efficient at collecting and removing dangerous airborne machine application contaminants using electrostatic precipitation; electrostatic precipitation air cleaning machines provide 97.8% – 99.6% collection efficiency on all submicron particles. An optional HEPA media filter supplies up to 99.97% collection efficiency. Media based air cleaning systems provide 95% minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) 14 and 15 filter ratings.

Electrostatic precipitation systems offer various combinations of the long life Advantage and high-efficiency electronic collector cells. Electrostatic precipitation air cleaning systems allow you to easily switch between water-soluble or oil-based machine tool coolants. MistBuster® air cleaning systems have variable and controllable airflows ranging from 500 to 1,650 CFM and require minimal maintenance in wet environments.

The unique geometry of the motorized impeller improves aerodynamic efficiency, lowers energy losses and reduces noise. Because of its improved efficiency and performance, the impeller complies with European Unions stringent Energy related Products (ErP) Directive to reduce CO2 emissions by developing more efficient products. The impeller is CE compliant and carries both the ErP and CE marks.

The MistBuster® family of products is designed for the control and filtration of smoke, oil and coolant mist generated in CNC machining applications. Our goal is to tailor an indoor air cleaning system that provides solutions for your machining applications. MistBuster® deliver the following benefits:

  • Protect employees by reducing exposure to hazardous airborne mist, smoke and metal particles produced by industrial machining applications.
  • Comply with indoor air quality standards and governmental regulations.
  • Protect equipment
  • Reduce maintenance and operational cost
  • 50% Reduction in costs in energy and maintenance over competitor products
  • Meet employee and customer expectations for clean, healthy and safe working environment
  • Improve employee retention and recruitment
  • Control LEV – Local Exhaust Ventilation