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Lower running cost and internal serviceability.

Following up on a website enquiry a new customer to Brown and Holmes from Aylesbury requested extraction on his new Hurco VM10.

Patrick from Highpath Engineering recently purchased a new Hurco to assist with his growing manufacturing requirements. Patrick is the MD of the highly successful Highpath Engineering. Highpath create Specialist Cycle Adaptions that adapt and modify cycle cranks where standard products don’t meet your needs.

Patrick was interested in the MistBuster® units due to the ease of cleaning and maintaining and the reduced running costs.

After a brief site visit, we established a requirement for the MB500, the smallest MistBuster® unit would easily meet the requirements of enclosure size, and mist/smoke being generated.

Patrick was very happy with the speedy install by Brown and Holmes’ installation team, and with the operation of the extraction.

In this instance we installed as a suspended mount, but supplied a plenum that could be mounted on top of the machine if required.

Partick had the following to say about our install:

“Running our Hurco VM10i in our small business unit was giving us an air quality problem, especially with the workshop doors closed.

We looked at the many solutions on the market, but having had Mark from Brown and Holmes explain the significant savings in running and maintenance costs with the Mistbuster® design, we commissioned an MB500 unit.

Mark and the team at Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd were very helpful during the ordering stage and during installation, and provided a swift resolution to a small teething problem. They even colour matched the MB500 to our Hurco!”