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Helping a major aerospace manufacturer reduce their emission of potentially harmful fume by 200%

The recent application of a multi Mistbuster® Installation combined with machine guarding improvements, both carried out by Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd have helped a major aerospace manufacturer reduce their emission of potentially harmful cutting fume by a level of over 200% in some areas.

The machine in question was carrying out high speed rough turning operations with ceramic tooling. This was creating very high levels of mist within the machine and with it being slightly older and not as well contained as a more modern machine tool, the fume was escaping to the surrounding work areas. As well as problems following the opening of the machine doors, fume escape was happening through guarding gaps and even via the machines’ chip conveyor, the result of which meant that all operators in the immediate area needed to wear a high level of PPE to keep everyone safe.

Brown & Holmes engineers were able to visit and see the issues first-hand. This allowed them to assess the whole situation which was more than something just needing a mist extraction solution. They were able to pin-point every area where gaps in the older machines’ guarding allowed cutting fume to escape to atmosphere. Following this, they then visited again to measure up and then design and manufacture individual bespoke solutions to eliminate the potential problem in every possible area whilst maintaining access for machine loading and operator intervention.

It was decided to install 3-off Mistbuster® 2000 Units to be able to complete the task. The initial calculation, considering the volumetric area and style of machine suggested that one or maybe two units would have been adequate, however due to there still being some minimal unavoidable gaps in the machines’ guarding and other fume outlet areas, it was decided to use three. This worked well with follow up particulate readings collected by a third party after the installation beating all customer targets set in the initial specification.

Brown and Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd are the UK agent for Mistbuster® which is a range of mist extraction units manufactured by Air Quality Engineering in the USA. Unlike many products which use a centrifugal rotating filter, these units rely on a two-stage electrostatic filter that first charges the particles through an ionization section then collects the charged particles in the charged collection section which removes almost all harmful airborneparticulate generated from the machining process. These filters are easy and very cost effectively cleaned during normal maintenance procedures without the need for potentially expensive new replacement filters.

Perhaps known better in the areas of design and manufacture of Workholding and Lifting Equipment, Brown and Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd are also known for carrying out a thorough investigation at the beginning of any project leading to world class solutions as well as giving a high level of support following completion. In this instance, the ability to see the job as more than just an extraction installation and by closely working with the customer, its engineers and operators, by designing and manufacturing further bespoke covers and guarding on the machine led to a highly successful solution.